Tanya Ingvoldstad Otero

Tanya Ingvoldstad Otero – membership committee
Alumna and parent: Milwaukee High School of the Arts
Parent: Milwaukee School of Language, La Escuela Fratney

I grew up in Milwaukee Public Schools, and received an education that prepared me for college and life. As a parent of four children in MPS, I desire and expect the same kind of preparation now from our public schools that I received.
Our public school system should engage all children in meaningful inquiry. They should be exploring their world through books, art, writing, music, physical education, sciences, math and history. Too many of our public schools lack teachers to teach in the arts, music, gym and library. Too many of our schools and teachers are strapped down by required tests, curricula and expectations that do not allow them to guide our children in their explorations and imaginations.
I am hopeful because the Milwaukee community of public school teachers and parents continues to care about and work hard for the children of our city. I am hopeful because we have an opportunity in MPS to collaborate and recreate a public school system that works. I am a public school parent and supporter. I want to work with other parents and educators to make public education the best choice for children and the future of Milwaukee.


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