Patty Stevenson

Patty Stevenson – member at large
Parent: Milwaukee School for Languages

My daughter is getting an outstanding education in MPS. She has had caring, dedicated teachers who have helped her achieve. Her interest, as a teen, in healthy lifestyles was first inspired by her MPS elementary physical education teacher who encouraged her to try out for track, instilled team spirit and taught all the children the importance of healthy living. Her creative writing leapt off the page in 4th grade with a teacher who won a well-deserved “teacher of the year” award. Our daughter is equally inspired and challenged by talented middle school teachers. In addition, her experiences with a diverse student population are preparing her for success in the 21st century.
As a parent and taxpayer, accountability and transparency are important to me. With so many new schools popping up every year making great claims and promises, I want my child to go to a school with a proven track record that includes honest reporting of test scores and other data.
Going through the process of choosing both an elementary and middle school, there were so many great choices in MPS that it was hard to choose just one school. Choices include Language Immersion, the Arts, Environmental Education, International Baccalaureate, Montessori, Gifted and Talented as well as great neighborhood schools close to our home. Some are even on the list of Best Schools in the Nation!


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