Angela McManaman

Angela McManaman – secretary
Parent: Golda Meir Middle School, La Escuela Fratney

Looking into my younger kids’ classrooms, I meet open and engaged learners who make me laugh, or cry, when they talk about how they see the world. MPS curriculum emphasizes writing very early and very clearly, so I’ve heard and read stories from many young authors!
When I hear my younger children, after just two years at La Escuela Fratney, talking to friends and teachers in perfectly accented Spanish, I’m thrilled. I can’t imagine a better academic gift for my children than this: bilingual learning in classrooms that are diverse and that reflect the complexities and opportunities of 21st century America.
I can’t say that all things in all schools are going great. Through PPS-MKE, I’d like to strengthen academic performance with smaller class sizes, more consistent and earlier science instruction, and exposure to the arts and physical education in every school. I’d also like to see clearer communication between the district and parents about how MPS serves kids right now, and a stronger customer-service approach that welcomes new and returning MPS families. What about you?


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